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We want to change the future of Newcastle United.  For too long fans have been shut out and their views ignored.  We want supporters to come together and pledge a small amount of money per month or as a one of payment to build a fighting fund. We want to buy a share of Newcastle United to belong to supporters. We want to make the football club belong to us.

When the club is sold we want to be at the negotiating table to give fans a voice.   If the club falls through the divisions we want to be ready to save it. We want to be proactive not reactive.

We do not want fans to pledge more than they can afford. The Trust exists as a purely one member one vote organisation and all fans are equal regardless of what they can afford to pledge. 

After 13 years (and more) of turmoil off the pitch at Newcastle United we believe supporters need to try and control the future through creating a fund to make their claim to own even 1% of the footballer club when it changes hands.  This would likely need funds in the region of £3.5 million.

Newcastle United has a global fanbase with a rich history of supporter action and fund raising. We believe that a long-term Pledge Scheme which can build funds over the years ahead can achieve our aim.

The club belongs to us. Owners come and go but we are constant. The ownership of the club should reflect this and for Newcastle United supporters to be able to own even a small % of the club, would represent a huge step.

Should we fail to raise the required funds, or a new owner would not want to sell a small % of the club to supporters, we will donate the entire fund to charities based in the North East. 

Help Newcastle United in future and make fans a part of the ownership of the club. Pledge today.


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We accept pledges from £1 per month. Pledge what you can afford