So many reasons. So much to play for. So much to lose. So much already lost?

There are so many reasons why I’ve joined the 1892 Pledge scheme. But in all honesty, the main reason is that I want the supporters to own the club. I’m not even saying that’s achievable, but I want to be part of a movement of NUFC supporters who at least tried to raise funds to secure the future of our football club.

I’ve had enough of feeling that we just don’t compete or improve under the current owner. I’ve had enough of dismal performances and lack of ambition. I’ve had enough of mediocre football and a terrible service as a paying customer. Yes, that’s just what we are to the current owner, paying customers. Paying customers, who are receiving an appalling service. A service I no longer wish to buy.

I’m not a ‘customer’. I’m a loyal supporter of Newcastle United Football Club, and always will be. I can’t choose to stop supporting them. This is not a weekend pastime I can just get bored with and walk away from because it no longer brings me any joy. This is me. This is my life story. It has NUFC running through all aspects of it. Every major life event, births, deaths, marriages have had black and white running through them. I can’t just walk away from that. It’s who I am. It’s what I’ve always been, and what I will die being – A Newcastle United FC supporter.

So much has been lost already. A lost generation of young fans, who only know Newcastle United under Mike Ashley. So many of them choose another club. So many parents choose to end their families long held connections with the football club that sits at the heart of our beautiful city, that we are all so proud of. Not because we haven’t won anything for decades, but because there is no fight, no ambition, and no connection between the Club and the fans any more.

We are at the bottom of every league for any stats that are important to fans, and sadly that is both on, and off the pitch. It’s bad enough that we have gone from being ‘The Entertainers’ to the laughing stock under Mike Ashley, but the treatment of season ticket holders during the pandemic was tantamount to stealing.

Well Mr Ashley, no more from me. No more direct debit. I show my support for my precious club from now on by giving my season ticket money to the 1892 Pledge. It offers me hope that one day the majority of Newcastle United will be owned and run by supporters or people that care about the City and the region. But I also fear the 1892 Pledge will become a necessity, as in football right now there is so much to lose. The 1892 Pledge may become a lifeline that saves the Club in the future, and I for one want to say that I was part of that

I will always be a Newcastle supporter. I just won’t be in the ground cheering on the lads and paying for the privilege. I will be buying a season ticket to watch the women’s team from next season, which is not much more than the price of a pint and a couple of pies! And they need all the support they can get, as much the same as many aspects of NUFC, investment in the women’s team has also been woeful compared to most other Premier League clubs.

I will always want us to win, I want a successful football club at the heart of my city and my life, but I will get my football fix from the grass roots clubs that make me feel like, when I put something in, I get something back. A sense of belonging. A sense of pride. A connection, not something that feels increasingly toxic that I want no more part of. And I will Pledge with all my heart in the hope that I will sit back in SJP one day soon, and truly have something to celebrate. Howay the Lads & Lassess!

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