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How does the 1892 pledge  work?

Individual supporters pay money monthly or as a one-off payment into a protected Trust bank account to raise funds to either buy a small percentage of the club when it changes ownership or buy the club outright should it fall through the divisions.

It’s a long-term plan for fans to give a little when they can to give supporters a realistic chance of owning part of their football club.

Why should I pledge?

For many years Newcastle United has underperformed on and off the pitch.  At the Newcastle United Supporters Trust we believe fans must work together to build a fighting fund for the future of Newcastle United.  We need you to donate a small amount as and when you can, alongside thousands of others to make sure there is supporter input to Newcastle United.

Where does the money I pledge go?

Into a bank account controlled by the Supporters Trust

Is the investment safe?

Yes.  The Trust has its accounts audited each year and then submitted to the Financial Conduct Authority.  In addition, the Trust has appointed four ‘Guardians’ from outside of the Trust to ensure the money is safe and only spent as intended. You can find out more about the Guardians and how we ensure the money is safe with this video.

Who are the people behind the scheme?

The Newcastle United Supporters Trust board have been working on this scheme since 2018. Former Chair Alex Hurst and Secretary Norman Watson from the Trust have played a key role in the development of the scheme. 

The entire NUST board gave full approval for the 1892 Pledge Scheme. You can view the board here: About Us – Newcastle United Supporters Trust (nufctrust.co.uk)

You can contact the board on board@nufctrust.co.uk.

Who is responsible for the money?

The Trust will own the money raised and has drawn up rules on the scheme which make clear the money can only be spent buying shares in Newcastle United or donated to charities based in the North East of England.

The Trust will work along side the appointed Trustees who are responsible for the safe keeping of the money until it can be used for either of the above purposes.

How much needs to be raised? / What is the target stake?

It is difficult to answer this question because the value of the club will change over time.  At the time of writing it is believed 1% of the club will be worth £3 million.   This is a long term scheme for supporters to get behind and it will not fail or succeed in a short space of time.

If the club was to fall through the divisions it would be worth a lot less than it is now.

What if someone pledges more/less than me? How is the stake distributed?

The Trust operates on a strict one member one vote policy and all members are equal.  Each person who pledges who also joins the Trust will have the same say in how the money is spent as any other – regardless of amounts pledged.

We firmly believe all Newcastle United fans are equal. Some fans will be able to pledge more than others and we are grateful for every pledge, regardless of amount, and will stick to a ‘one member one vote’ membership structure.

Is there a minimum pledge value?

The minimum a fan can pledge is £1.

How do I pledge?

Please visit this page on how to pledge. The money can be donated as a one off payment or you can set up a direct debit.

How often can I pledge?

As often as you like.  We encourage a monthly direct debit but you can make one off payments instead of this or on top of this.

What do I get at the end – shares?

There is no guarantee that the money raised will be able to buy a share in the football club. In the event that the 1892 Pledge Scheme allows the Trust to purchase a share in the club then the Trust would own the share and each person who pledges and is a Trust member will have a share in the Trust, not the club.

Is there a deadline for raising the funds?

No, the football club will hopefully always be around and the Trust plans to slowly build up the money to buy a share in the club through the 1892 Pledge Scheme. There is no end date in mind.

Can I pledge as part of a group?

You can only pledge as an individual or through your business.

Can I get my money back?

We cannot return any money pledged to the Trust through the 1892 Pledge Scheme.  All donations made are final and cannot be returned for any reason.

What happens if the target isn’t met?

There is no clear target in mind for the 1892 Pledge Scheme but if the scheme does not grow by more than 10% per year then the Guardians will take a vote on whether to continue the scheme or close it and donate the raised money to charity.  Any vote to end the scheme would need to be ratified by a vote of Supporters Trust members.

Has the current owner agreed to sell a stake of Newcastle United to the Trust ?

No, the trust has not ever spoken to or had any correspondence with the current owner of Newcastle United.

Would I get a say in how the money raised was spent?

Yes. The Trust would not buy a share or a part of Newcastle United without a majority vote from it’s membership. If you choose to become a member of the Trust then you would get a vote in that decision.


The 1892 Pledge website and the Trust website are separate. When you make your pledge a new account will be set up for you.