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The Newcastle United Supporters Trust was launched in October 2009 as a direct response to the direction of Newcastle United at boardroom level, in order to provide supporters a coordinated and strong voice with the long-term aim of having supporter representation on the board of Newcastle United.

The Trust operates under a one member one vote structure and is constituted as a Community Benefit Society, which means it has a set of formal rules that dictates how it operates in order to benefit the broader community that it serves – in this case the community of Newcastle United supporters. The trust does this by striving to be the democratic and representative voice of Newcastle fans and by strengthening the bond between the club and the fans and aims to achieve the greatest possible supporter and fan influence in the running and ownership of Newcastle United.

The trust is democratic and ran by an elected Board of volunteers and holds board elections each year, where members can stand to be elected to the Board in a fair and transparent democratic process. 

With a growing membership and growing influence, the trust is a stronger voice for Newcastle United fans, and the trust uses this influence and mandate to act responsibly as a guardian for the future of Newcastle United. 

Further information on the work and successes of the Trust, and how to become a member, can be found on the Trust website: https://nufctrust.co.uk/about-us/

Please note the only way to have a vote on how and when any money raised is used is to be an active member of the Newcastle United Supporters Trust. It is £2 to join and an annual membership of £1 thereafter. Please join the Trust – we need you! Join the Trust here

The Trust and Supporter Ownership

The Trust believes that football clubs belong to their supporters and should operate with integrity and transparency while playing an integral part in their community.


Foundation of Hearts. The most successful example of Fan Ownership in Scotland!


This fans organisation has raised a total of £11,264,000 from Hearts supporters by the end of January 2021.

They have around 8,000 members pledging an average figure of £18.75 a month.

The total raised from fans during 2020 was £1,458,263! With this money they rescued Hearts F.C. from Administration in 2014 and have continued to fund the Club.

One of their members, Ann Budge, is currently the Chair of Hearts and holds a majority shareholding in the Club. The Foundation have an agreement in place to purchase all her shares and hope to complete the transfer by the end of this season. The Club will then be majority owned by its Supporters.

Their vision is to ensure the future of Hearts as a well- run club which operates with integrity and transparency and which encourages entertaining football and plays its part in the Community.

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Why I’ve joined the Pledge 1892 – Linda Bush

Why I’ve joined the Pledge 1892 – Linda Bush

So many reasons. So much to play for. So much to lose. So much already lost? There are so many reasons why I’ve joined the 1892 Pledge scheme. But in all honesty, the main reason is that I want the supporters to own the club. I’m not even saying that’s achievable, but...

The Battle for Control – A blog about ownership at nufc

The Battle for Control – A blog about ownership at nufc

Newcastle United is no stranger to issues surrounding ownership.  Trust board member Marc Corby wrote this piece examining the last great battle for control of Newcastle United   The Battle for Control - As It Was, When it Was, 1988-1992 “I never asked for a...

This club is our club

This club is our club

The Board of the Newcastle United Supporters Trust are delighted to introduce the 1892 Pledge Scheme. The 1892 Pledge Scheme is the most ambitious fan led project in the history of English football.  We encourage all Trust members to watch this short film...